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Sergey Dzikevich

Sergey Dzikevich

Sergey Dzikevich

Academic rank: Associate Professor

Degree: PhD in Philosophy

Affiliation: Lomonosov Moscow State University

ORCID ID: 0000-0002-9222-3599

Scopus ID: 311703

ResearcherID: C-9042-2016

In 1982 graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy Lomonosov Moscow State University with a specialization in the Department of Aesthetics.  The theme of the diploma investigation is “Translation and Historically Aesthetic Analysis of Ralph Waldo Emerson’s Articles The Comic and The Tragic, supervisor – Professor M.F. Ovsiannikov.  In 1993 defended his dissertation   “Problems of Artistic Creation in Catholic Aesthetics (The Formation and Essence of the Concept of Art in the Thomist Philosophical Tradition)”, supervisor – professor E.G. Yakovlev.  Lecturer at the Department of Aesthetics since 1991, associate professor since 2005, academic director of the professional retraining post-graduate program “Aesthetics: art business” since 2005, academic director of the scientific and educational center “Art Gallery Cogito” since 2015, Editor-in-Chief of the theoretical quarterly Aesthetica  Universalis. since 2018.


2017, 2004

Aesthetics of Advertising.  Aesthetic Structure of Advertising Communication. 

The second edition (2017) is supplemented and partially revised.


Contemporary Philosophy (XX-XXI centuries).  In co-authorship with E.A. Dzikevich.

2015, 2006

Aesthetics of Ontology.  Epistemological Analytics of Knowledge of Being.  The second edition (2015) is stereotyped.

2011, 2023

Aesthetics: the Foundations of Classical Theory.        

The second edition is re-developed, published by Lomonosov MSU Publishers in the jubilee series "Classical University Text-book" dedicated to 270-th anniversary of Moscow University.


Introduction to Aesthetics.

University Courses


Ontological and Epistemological Problems of Aesthetic Investigations.


Aesthetic and Psychological Problems of Advertising.


Political Advertising as Aesthetic Communication.


Aesthetic Meanings ​​of the Subject Environment.


History and Current State of Classical Aesthetics.

Economic and Marketing Problems of Holding Art Business in Russia.


Advertising in the Communication Process.


Theory and Practice of Advertising.


Theoretical Problems of Classical Aesthetics.


Formats of Aesthetic Texts.


The Practice of Holding an Art Gallery.


The Theoretical Problems of Classical Aesthetics.

Theoretical Founding and Academically Correct Problems of Aesthetic Studies. 

Multimedia Equipment of Exhibition Projects.